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Three Years Later….

Well, this is a bit embarrassing. See I started this website when I bought my little piece of land in East Texas about three years ago with all the hopes and aspirations that I would commit to posting frequently what it was like to tame the land and anything I learned along the way.

Well – shit. I learned a ton of stuff along the way in the last three years, most importantly how much little time you have when your trying to work a full time job, a side job, start a company, build a SaaS platform and all the while fight the very land you live on, constantly. I have serious questions about how others that daily blog / vlog about this of where they find the time? I can see this would have turned out better if this was my only thing but crap-o-la, three years have passed insanely fast and I feel like now I have even less time now then I did before. I am still fighting these woods, bugs, animals and other critters on a daily. Would I go back and do it differently? Well, I guess that is what the next posts will be about.

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