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First days post close

It has been a solid week since I finally closed on the property. It honestly still feels like a dream that the closing happened at all. I stayed at the property on the first night (had bought my camping gear for the occasion). Its so quiet, and in that quietness is a million little noises all new to me.

The weather could not have been more perfect for closing, but it was cloudy so I was unable to check out my new night sky right after closing, but after coming out a few more times I finally got a moment to stop and look up. It is glorious. Nearly zero lights from the closest city. First thing I started working on was cleaning up and exploring the two other buildings.

The first building is behind the carport, or built onto the carport I should say. It is a 8′ by roughly 24′ area that has plumbing and electricity.. and walls. I am planning on using this area as my extra storage since the house is lacking. It is a perfect size for the shelving units I have in my garage and also for the fridge from my house since the previous owners left all of their appliances.

The second building is a more traditional shed, about 8′ x 14′. This one is wired up with a sub panel, and oddly enough the start of plumbing. It has a solid floor, two windows and some built in cabinets / shelving. Originally I had planned on building a second studio home on the property for my office, but I think I am going to just finish this space out as it is perfectly sized for a decent office.

Before closing I had met with the owners for one last run though and to finish the paperwork on the tractor. My realtor came in a bit later and helped me with the final walk through and we hit some issues with the kitchen sink, after troubleshooting it turned out the aerator was clogged with sediment; I checked a few other faucets and they had similar build up. Not sure if it just built up over time or there is a issue with that. After closing I came back and while trying to fix the kitchen sink a tiny plastic piece needed to get the aerator back on broke. Time to test out the home warranty service that the sellers paid for.

Another problem I ran into was with the well pressure tank. For some reason it was short cycling; at first it was just annoying as the pressure was bad in the house but then I also realized the instant hot water tank would not work properly as it kept shutting off when the pump would cycle. I watched some YouTube videos and eventually, somehow got it to a point where the pressure seemed to be right but by the next day it was back to the same problem. After watching more YouTube videos and looking at how these things are suposed to work I realized I need an air pump to try and fix this. I will do a whole write up on how to fix the short cycling pressure tank issue in another post as it was more involved than I thought and required that battery powered pump.

This is week two, I should be moving in full time in the next few weeks. This week is cleaning and I might try throwing some fresh paint on the walls too. There is an overwhelming list of stuff that needs to be done. I have a nice reserve of funds to get it all done, but it is alarming how fast the funds are flying out of the bank…

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