Financing Home Buying Status Updates

It closed! It closed? Officially a land owner!!!!

I cannot belive that this deal has finally closed. I have had dreams about owning this property and I am not one to dream often. I am incredibly excited and cannot wait to get everything setup at the property!

I spent about 3 days out there so far testing out the tractor (so much fun) and starting to work on the house. At the final walk through the kitchen sink would not turn on; but the sprayer worked. At first I thought it was a problem with the plumbing (which would have delayed closing) but my realtor who was there helping with the final walk through pointed out the sprayer worked fine. Similar problem in another bathroom, low flow but other places were fine. I finally twisted the aerator off in the bathroom and it had a ton of debris in it. Once that was cleared it ran fine. I tried to do the same with the kitchen but ended up breaking the who thing.

There is also another issue with the pressure tank short cycling. This could mean that the inner bladder has ruptured or the tank has lost air and needs to be pumped back up. I was able to find some excellent YouTube videos on how to solve short cycling of the pressure tank pump. I followed them and for a while it seemed to be working fine, but then before leaving I noticed it was back to short cycling.

There is a ton of electrical work that needs to be done as well but can wait for the short term. While speaking with a plumber about getting them out there I mentioned the tank issue and he said it sounded like it needed air – I skipped that step before, so I ordered a digital hand held air pump. I have a normal air pump but getting it to the well will be too difficult, and then also getting power to it is just not going to be easy. For $35 it is just easier to get one of these nice hand held air compressors with digital gauges so it shuts off when it reaches the right pressure. that I will use to test the pressure and add as needed to the tanks spec. I really hope that this works to correct the issue because the problem really gets bad when you try and use the hot water; it appears that the tankless hot water heater only kicks on when it has enough pressure, and if you want to use hot and cold at the same time it does not have enough pressure so the hot kicks off. It looks like the cost to replace one of the pressure tanks runs about $1,000 with service. Oddly the previous owners left a brand new tank behind, so part of me thinks that they knew there might be an issue with the tank but they also left behind easily a few thousand dollars in other equipment too; some looks brand new (like a huge post hole digger, or pressure washer and air compressor).

In fact when I started to really go through the buildings I kept finding all kinds of goodies. Tools, lawn care equipment, paint, hardware. Tons of stuff left behind including all appliances in the house including the smaller stuff like a nice toaster oven and basic microwave. Also a really cool electronic touchless trash can, a window AC unit, several new looking doors, a folding table, dresser, shelving units… lots of little bonuses.

I gathered up a list of things I need immediatley and started ordering. Most of the “right now” stuff will be here this week (I am back in Houston). I placed a service request on American Home Shield’s warranty portal to get the faucet fixed. I went ahead an purchased another faucet (thought I kind of wonder if that was a bad idea since the warranty would probably have covered the cost (it was $100) but because of the ice / winter storm situation in Texas it is going to be several weeks before anyone can come out to fix it. I had planned on doing it on my own, but I found out that the lines under the counter are nothing like the lines on the new faucet. I should use this as a learning opportunity but I have so much going on right now it is just not worth the stress of it. Plus I can have the service guy look at the pressure tank if I cannot get that working.

I am still looking for a electrician; which will be a much bigger job.

I know it has only been a few days of owning this property… but I am in love. From the trails to the huge lawn to the insane tranquility of it all. Its amazing. And kind of scary, but more amazing than anything else. I am so excited to get out there as soon as possible, though it will be weeks realistically before that happens full time.

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