Status Updates

First days post close

It has been a solid week since I finally closed on the property. It honestly still feels like a dream that the closing happened at all. I stayed at the property on the first night (had bought my camping gear for the occasion). Its so quiet, and in that quietness is a million little noises […]

Financing Home Buying Status Updates

It closed! It closed? Officially a land owner!!!!

I cannot belive that this deal has finally closed. I have had dreams about owning this property and I am not one to dream often. I am incredibly excited and cannot wait to get everything setup at the property! I spent about 3 days out there so far testing out the tractor (so much fun) […]

Rural Internet Tech

Calxy Institute 4G Wireless – Incredibly slow, but works

I have had my Calyx 4G LinkZone2 wireless router for about 3 months now, and I am extremely pleased that I did not sign up for the full year. My experience with Calyx, in a city with full coverage has been abysmal. The common average I have seen is about 7Mbit down and 1Mbit up. […]