Home Buying

Closing is Imminent

In four days I am set to close on this property… finally. This deal has been in the works since mid December and here we are, mid February. All good things come to those who wait right?

I am excited, exhausted, anxious and still just a bit doubtful that this will finally happen, even though it is scheduled with times and agreements and everything else. This next week is going to be one hell of a ride.

Status Updates Tools

Tractor Secured

One of the things on the long list of things that I need to buy as soon as this deal closes was a tractor. I knew going in with this much land your typical riding lawn mower was not going to cut it (lol). I had used one of those on a house I had with just 1/2 an acre, and it still took hours to cut a full law. The lawn on this property is several acres easy. Most of this sits in front of the house, tons of trees and what will become, with a little love beautiful green grass.

The previous owner had a houmongous tractor; I honestly did not think I needed that much tractor, but they mentioned they were going to sell it and gave me first offer. I still think it might be a bit much, but having more tractor seems like better than not having enough tractor.

Once the offer was given, I reached out to friends and the internet to make sure it was a fair deal. I know nothing of tractors and man, what a world. One thing I learned quick was that tractors hold value… like really hold value very well. Discounts on good brands (usually the green ones and orange ones) are not much. It also seems that there tends to be a million versions of the same tractor with just a tiny difference making it a completely different model.

Needless to say I have learned a lot about tractors over the last week. I must have watched about three hours straight of Messick’s YouTube videos just going over tractor types and appointments and 8+ hours all together. The videos are so well done I even feel confident jumping on the tractor and running it and am excited instead of intimidated.

This deal is of course dependent on closing the house deal… but right now my confidence is at an all time high that this sale will finally close.

The tractor is a Kubota L3901. This is an extremely popular model and includes a front loader, quick hitch, 65″ cutter and 60″ scraper. The cutter should make easy work of the lawn and trails. The scraper will come in handy for regrading the gravel drive. The most exciting part for me is the loader. Having a loader means I can order up a full dump truck of gravel, soil and rocks at a time and use the loader to spread and transport the material to where it is needed instead of breaking my back with a wheelbarrow going back and fourth.

Rural Internet

Starlink Beta. Thoughts

I have been on the Starlink beta list for about a year now. While I am going to try and make the 4G work (because I have no choice), once the deal closes I will also put my deposit down for the Starlink beta. It looks like the minimum wait for the service will be about six months from the date of signup.

Starlink is one of many startup satellite internet service providers coming online in the next few years. This is going to cause a major shift in terrestrial internet offerings. Elon Musk is lighting a fire under every and all current internet providers. From dial up to fiber, from 3G to 5G wireless. Starlink and the other service offerings from other providers. This is likely to shift the amount of work being put into 4G and 5G wireless offerings for rural services.

Pricing for Starlink Beta is set at $99.00 a month with no data caps. Compared to most terrestrial connections this is not an excellent deal by any means, but compared to wireless (4G / 5G) that typically include ridiculously low data caps, this is an absolute bargain. The catch here being of course that for Starlink you need a hefty sized dish and quite a bit of electricity to power, so comparing that to 4/5G wireless is not really fair either.

Right now the bigger problem with Starlink appears to be coverage. The United States and even more so Canada has coverage / line of sight to Starlink satellites for service. The problem is that with the current number of satellites deployed there is not coverage for 100% of the day. Here around Houston Texas I would get coverage 75% of the day. As each payload of satellites are blasted into space this will eventually fill out to 100%. In Canada they are already closer to that number. You can use this awesome tool to look at estimated coverage in your area.

I look forward to Starlink, but more for the friction it will cause in the 4/5G wireless space. For incredibly remote places Starlink will be a godsend as it will be for semi-rural dwellers in the short term.

Thank you Elon for once again for screwing up monopolies and forcing people to follow your lead.