Insurance for the un-insurable.

Fun fact. When you have a piece of a home that was used to make a bigger home, but at one point someone just had that piece of home insured it turns out to be sort of a cluster f**k of a situation when it comes to insurance. While my situation is not normal; it […]

Financing Home Buying Status Updates

It’s back!

I have not been totally transparent on the number of things that have seemingly killed this deal only to have it spring back to life. Like a cat it must have nine lives and it has all but chewed through 8 of them at this point. After thinking it was dead and gone for certain […]

Financing Status Updates

Its dead

Welp. Its is officially dead. After calling 6 local banks and two national manufactured home lenders it is as dead as a doornail. There was one local bank that was possibly on board, but I would need to toss another grand at it to have the honor of having a high mortgage rate. I also […]

Status Updates

This dream is dying. I am crushed.

The financing for this dream has fallen though. The broker that I am working with does not have any investors that will finance a single wide (though this is certainly not a single wide). Finding easy financing for this deal has ended, but it is not over. I am still going to be calling local […]

Networking Rural Internet Tech

How to get rural internet access in Texas.

Probably my biggest obstacle to tackle here in the woods is the task of internet access. As you can imagine there are not many options and at the moment it looks like it is going to be 4G wireless. There are several towers within 5 miles with both T-Mobile and Verizon access. No fixed wireless […]